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Okay, I just joined this group and have a question. Do any of you know about hauntings and such at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, or elsewhere in Lafayette? The only on-campus ghost stories I've heard involve a girl decapitated by a faulty elevator and a pair of suicides in a now-bricked-up room. Any help would be much appreciated!
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which building is the bricked up room in. I know there is a bricked up room in Baker-Huger. Is it there?


February 16 2011, 21:19:00 UTC 6 years ago

Yep, there's a bricked in Room at Baker Huger. You can see the bricks through the glass window but front door is covered by wallpaper. Supposedly a girl was doing witchcraft or some such and committed suicide. A year later on the day another girl living there also committed suicide so they bricked it in.
Also there's another girl's dorm on the corner of McKinnely and Boucher called Harris Hall where a girl died in an elevator accident and is supposedly helpful, knocks on doors and tugs on backpacks and clothing.


August 31 2014, 23:34:51 UTC 2 years ago

I just heard this story yesterday, and ive been on the look-out. I'm in Harris now, on the third floor. And me and my roommate have heard knocks on the door but noone is near, not even on the stairs.

Also here today me and a girl were carrying groceries and going up the stairs the bags got somehow lighter.