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Louisiana Hauntings' Journal
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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
3:13 pm
Okay, I just joined this group and have a question. Do any of you know about hauntings and such at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, or elsewhere in Lafayette? The only on-campus ghost stories I've heard involve a girl decapitated by a faulty elevator and a pair of suicides in a now-bricked-up room. Any help would be much appreciated!
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007
11:30 am
My husband and I have been traveling around La. taking pics and enjoying the beauty of our state. I've been posting them in my personal journal and I noticed that there wasn't any communities for Louisiana pictures. We created a community to share photos of what makes our state great and unique. Post any and all pictures of people, scenery, outings, events and anything that makes up this beautiful state we call home. Come join louisiana_pix and share the beauty in your part of the state.

Thank you for allowing me to post this.
Friday, December 29th, 2006
2:14 pm
Monday, October 23rd, 2006
9:58 pm
Got Psi?
Ever wished that you could have all your psi in one place, but was afraid to ask? Well, here it is:


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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005
2:08 am
Great Louisiana haunted area's site.
Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
5:25 pm
Hee. This looks fun.

I'm Jess, a tour guide at the Myrtles Plantation. Well, I'm currently on break because I have school, but you know.

Yeah. That's really all. :) Glad to be here.
Saturday, May 7th, 2005
1:16 pm
Monday, April 4th, 2005
10:33 pm

Hallo everyone!

I'm Meagan, I just joined. My friend Kyle and I are planning on doing a report and (hopefully) film the story of the Myrtle plantation. Do any of you have any experiences there or any information that might be helpful? I'd really appreaciate it.


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Sunday, March 13th, 2005
10:15 pm
Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:30 pm
A link to a site that has listed a few Louisiana cities that are haunted,as well as the locations that are haunted and descriptions of the activity.
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
11:50 pm
Since I have more ghost stories to tell here is yet another....

I met Shawn in the beginning of the year in 2001. We have lived in 4 apartments now but our 3rd apartment is the topic of this story.

When we first moved in our neighbor told us we could use her back laundry room to wash clothing. I went back there one day with Shawn and told him that something did not feel right. (shawn feels things but ignores it when he can). Then one day about a week or so later I was washing the clothes and Shawn was at work. I would forget sometimes about the clothing and on this day I did. Shawn came home and once I remembered I asked him if he would go and put the washed clothes into the dryer. He went to the back and came back and told me that I had not put the lid down on the wash. Well, I no I did cause if I had not the wash would not had of stopped in mid-cycle but it had. The clothing was on rinse and I know that if you do not shut the top it does not start washing in the first place. I ran next door to ask my neighbor but she was not home. Later on I went to ask her again and she said that she did not she had been at work all day. No one else could get into that room cause we were the only ones with keys. Well, there were days when it would not happen but it usually happened if I let the clothing sit back there for a significant amount of time and would forget it for a few hours. It happend a few times after that and I thought ok I'm insane.. Yeah right.
Well one day I had some friends of mine over for a few weeks (they needed a place to stay for a bit) I was sitting on my couch and all of a sudden this feeling came over me that I can not explain. I wanted to get up,pack my shit and get the hell out!! I love my boyfriend very much and had no reason to want to leave. I started to weep and get very upset. My friend is also into this kind of thing and she took me into the back room to the door that I come in after I wash the clothes. She grabbed a hand full of seasalt from the kitchen and had me hold it,bless it and throw it at the back door and tell her that she was not allowed in my home and that she was not allowed to make me upset. Shawn went into the laundry room and blessed it as well. The intense feelings went away slowly.
The next day my friend started to have the same problems I had the night before. She wanted to leave the house,leave her boyfriend and get the hell out of there!! So , we did the same thing. Well this friend of mine and I sat in my kitchen and talked for about 2 hours about the spirit in the back room that was bothering me. (ok the next part is unbelievable so if you don't that is fine). We sat and talked forever it seemed and we wondered who it was,why she was there, when she had died and why she was insisting on me leaving. So we sat and just said the first thing that popped into our heads. We both said a name at the exact same time but she said Mary Ellen I said Mary Etta. Now if there was nothing there how the hell did we come up with names that were so similar? We said them at the same time. It was like you no when you and your friend do that kind of thing when you both have the same thought and say it together? We said that she was killed in the late 1950's and that we thought that she was in her late 30's. She said that she thinks that she killed herself over a boyfriend because he was married or something. Well, my boyfriend is very good with computers and can find just about any information on-line that you can think of. So, he went to the computer and looked up the murders that happend in that neighborhood in the mid to late 1950's. You can't look up the exact address because they have changed but this is what he came up with.. no shit.
There was a woman named Mary that lived in the area and was killed by a boyfriend in 56. She was 35 years old. My man was shocked! He asked me "how did you get this information?" I don't know I guess she was telling us or I was picking up on her feelings. As any person that would know that when a person does something like this that it never comes out exactly. She did not kill herself over a boyfriend but rather a boyfriend killed her and we thought that maybe she thought that was going to happen to me so she wanted me to leave. We are not sure and the name was not exact but the first name was.
I did not know what to do so my friend told me that maybe we should tell her that we are sorry for what has happened to her and that we want to help her. After that about 3 weeks later Shawn and I went out. Later on that night Shawn told me that Sat he was sleeping and he woke up and Mary was standing at the end of the bed. I said " what she do?" He said "I don't know I went back to sleep". Shawn had had ordeals with spirits his entire life so he ignores them. Since then we have moved out and I think Mary has gone on. She did not bother us after that and I think she may be happier now that she found someone that heard her cries and understood what she needed. Sympathy for what had happened to her.
Monday, November 8th, 2004
2:23 am
Ever since I was a young child I have had a fasination with the spirit world. I was terrified as a child. I remembe laying in bed one night as a toddler (about 3) and I heard someone say I my name. I was male and it laughed after it said it. I ran to my parents and they just told me that there was no such thing and put me back to bed. Now, if this did'nt happen I don't think I would remember it so vividly and I would admit to just making it up. But I did not make it up. Again when I was older (about 12, 0r 13)I was laying in bed I was awake and I was on my side. I felt someone push me like with 3 or 4 fingures in the middle of my back.I thought I was imagining it and turned over thinking that it may make it go away. A few mins later it happend again. I have always been attracted to this kind of thing and my mom thought I was crazy for believing in it. When I was 19 I moved to New Orleans and then things started to get stranger. I lived in a home for quite sometime in a part of town called Mid_City. The Address was 220 South Solomon Street. I started having trouble and my dog would go crazy. I thought it was a ghost but at the sametime I really was'nt sure. Then one day some friends of mine moved in. One of them was a tarot card reader and friend of mine. He told me one day after I came home from work that there was a ghost in the apartment complex and that we needed to banish it. He said that he would banish from their apartment first then mine. We could not banish from the outside though because it was an outside space not contained. He also said that it would probably hang out on my balcony because it wanted to be close to the inside of the house. One day I was laying in bed and I had gotten rid of my dog(she ate my undies) and got a cat. The cat was laying on my chest and she started hissing and spitting at my balcony window. I did'nt even have to look to see what it was. I jumped up and ran down the hall and asked my friends if I could sleep on their couch. I had a boyfriend at the time and I told him that I was having problems with a ghost. He did'nt believe in them and he laughed at me. So the conversation went no further than that. I did'nt even get a chance to tell him what happened. I had even seen the spirit once and did'nt tell him what it looked like. One day he came over and we were going to go back to his house. (he lived with his parents) We got into the car and the battery needed to be jumped. So we went to the back of the house to find the landlord to borrow a flashlight. He grabbed my hand and looked at me and said "lets just go call my parents and they can come and give us a jump" We called , they came and we got back into the car and he looked at me with tears in his eyes. He said, "I saw the damn thing" I said "what?" He described to be exactley what I saw. 6'4 inches, Male, and see through like a shadow walking in the mist. He was hysterical. A few weeks later my eletricty was turned off cause my landlord was a crackhead and did'nt pay the bill. I moved to Bourbon Street. Right behind a place called Shobar. Shobar has been open for many years and there are many spirits behind that place. There is one of a woman that was pushed down the flight of stairs that is in the back of the building. One day I was walking with a friend of mine and her husband was walking behind us coming down the stairwell. All of a sudden something grabbed him by the back of the neck as if to try and push him down the stairs. I envited a friend of mine over that was a wiccan priestess. She and I walked down the alley and up the stairwell to my apartment. We would feel cold spots in the exact same place. We would both say "heres one" at the exact same time without knowing when the other was going to say it. When we got to my room we sat down and lit a candle. We talked for a min (not about the ghost just random shit) then she said that the choker (a pentacle) around her neck started to get tighter and she had to take it off. Then she looked behind me and her eyes widened. She said it was behind me and I could feel it. She said his name was Marcos and he was hispanic. Long dark hair and that he was in love with me in a past life. He said that he said " she was carrying a white parasol and then she died" I don't know what that meant. Then it disappeared. About 2 weeks later I had some friends of mine walk up to the room with me so I could change clothes after work. One of them was a girl I worked with (another wiccan friend of mine and a practicing witch) the other one was an Asian girl that was raised in the Christian religion. We were walking up the stairwell and I heard one of them scream I ran up to catch up and one of them was pointing their fingure away and the other one was on her knees with her hands together as if she was praying. ( you can see how raised in different relgions make you act different) When I caught up with them I asked them what happend? They both told me that they saw something standing at the top of the stairscase. I asked them what it looked like and they described axactley what I had seen at my previous apartment. I could not believe it!! I through on my clothes and we ran as fast as we could to get out of there. They went home cause they were freaked out and I went to a place called The Dungeon to talk to another friend of mine named Bob. Bob was a practicing witch as well and worked there. I told him my problem and he said that he would come over the next night while I was at work (at Shobar) and check it out. So he did, and listen to what happend. Bob came to retrieve the keys to my apartment that night. When I finished work I went to see him. He was still there and told me to sit down and talk. (keep in mind that Bob had not talked to or even known that I had other people over the night before) He told me that the spirit in the apartment was male. That he was hispanic and his name was Mark very close to Marcos I believe. He was hispanic and that he knew me in a previous life. He told me that this spirit wanted to blind me to the world I was in now and that he was trying to keep me from being happy. We think he was someone that was in love with me in a previous life. He told me that I was the only one that could rid myself of this spirit because it was "my energy" that bought it to me. So I started to ignore it. It was very difficult but after a year or so I got the hang of it.
One day I moved into another apartment. The asian girl that I had known and that had visited the other apartment with me that night was living downstairs from me. We were outside one night with another friend of mine and we were loaded. I was telling my friend about the ghost although I was told not to talk about it. All of a sudden my friend's eyes got huge and she looked behind me. Then that feeling hit me again. she said" but he's gone right" I knew what she was trying to do" My asian friend kept saying "no he's here I can feel him" I said "no he's not" she said "yes he is" she did'nt get it. Then finally after about 10 mins of trying to get her to listen to us she understood what we were doing. Then it once again fanished.
I have had other experiences with it since and other ghosts as well. I will talk about that tommorrow when I post again..
Until later... goodbye
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
2:31 am
This is a place to discuss haunted and paranormal spots in Louisiana.
Post your experiences,photos and info having to do with haunted Louisiana places and strange Louisiana happenings.
Please stay on topic and if you have very long post or allot of photos please use a LJ cut :)
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